Kilisay Chronicles

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A story about a girl in a kingdom. But really a story about you and me and the real life our eyes cannot see.

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For kids and families ages 7-adult.


Days like this day our story begins are only read about in books. We dream about them, and hope for them, but we never really see them them this pretty. First of all, there was the sun, shining—which of course we have all seen before. But the sun’s warmth on Kilisay’s shoulder, as she looked out her window, was like the hug your grandma gives you when you have not seen her for months.

Then there were the colors. The sunrise of watercolor pink and yellow shared the sky with blue and magenta and purple waves swirling around wispy white clouds. Songbirds called to each other in short bursts of chirp, surprised themselves by the crisp newness they felt in the air. Even the wildflowers along the road and in the meadow seemed to be humming along with the bustling bees above them.

Our friend Kilisay lived in a quaint cottage on the edge of a village. Her home, with its four stone walls and two wood-frame windows, was neither too big nor too small; it was just perfect for Kilisay.

Kilisay put on her best dress—the yellow one with little white flowers, wanting to look her best for this day. She had worn her best dress, not knowing what would happen to that dress, and how this day would change her life forever.

She went back to the window, opening it, breathing in the fresh lavender-rose-carnation scent that rushed into her room. The meadow flowers outside were still humming in the breeze, while the ones in her little brown vase had hung their wilted heads.