Trunk of Scrolls

Trunk of Scrolls

Post Apocalyptic Antioch, 526 AD

A.D. 526 The earth shakes like a beast awakening. Now Antioch, once the glory of Rome, lies in ruins—a broken-backed man that cannot stand. 

Marcellus, a young Byzantine nobleman, takes up sword and wits to protect his young neighbors against wild animals, wild men, and a wild God they do not understand. 

Now they must survive a 700 mile journey to Constantinople to find their missing father and restore their lost fortune. But it comes at a terrible price.

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About the Book

What if you lost everything YOU HAD
and everyone you cared for?

What if all that was left was a Trunk of Scripture Scrolls?

A broken life…Shoving aside the rubble covering his once-perfect life, Marcellus sees his home in ruins, his family scattered, and his faith broken by the unpredictable God who destroyed everything. Now he must escort his family on a perilous journey to Constantinople to find his lost uncle and recover the family’s lost fortune.

A cursed ring… His hidden love for bold and daring Byziana is complicated by one overwhelming fact–she is betrothed to sword-wielding Belisarius, Marcellus’s greatest foe. No one but Marcellus knows the danger, but his honor forbids him from revealing it.

Can Marcellus stop this fated journey before it is too late? Is his hidden love for bold and daring Byziana enough? Or will he sacrifice the family to the fires of pride? 

A trunk of Scripture scrolls… Their hope lies in the neglected trunk of Scripture scrolls. But will they find the answers before it is too late?

Kyrie Eleison. God have mercy.

Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Entrust Source Publishers
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781942308126

List Price: 15.95
eBook Price: 8.49
“Church history is exciting, but not always told in an exciting way. As historical fiction, Trunk of Scrolls transports the reader to another time and place while making it all seem less remote. Written in vivid—sometimes almost poetic—prose, this is a page-turner. I’m sure that it will reach the wide audience that it deserves.”
“This exciting and engaging story takes us back to the sixth century in order to consider the most critical question of every age: Who is Jesus Christ? A great read!”
“Trunk of Scrolls is a fascinating and entertaining story. A joy to read. If you like to be engaged as you read and see how Scripture can help you make good choices through difficult situations, this story is for you.”
I love stories where families pull together as they struggle through all the difficulties and hardships of life – with only one true guiding light. This is exactly what you get in Trunk of Scrolls. You also get high drama in situations that will warm your heart, break your heart and strengthen your family. It will help your family see the only solution and what it means to follow Christ in a broken and threatening world.
“Trunk of Scrolls is an illuminating story written with the novelist’s eye for the telling detail. Darlene Bocek does more than tell a story—she breathes life into church history and inspires us to reverence for the Sacred Writings. A sparkling tale that is rich with meaning.”
About the Author
Darlene N. Bocek

Darlene Bocek and her family live in Izmir, Turkey. Making the Bible accessible, the main message of her stories, is dear to their family's heart.  Besides being a pastor's wife, she is mom to four wonderful young adults, each one her most favorite.  She spends "most" of her time in front of the washing machine, and her spare time writing (or vice-versa).

The family lives on an olive farm overlooking the Aegean sea in Turkey. To date, they have nine  sixteen twenty-four cats, three giant dogs, and two Havanese. Most pets are named for movie characters. Outside the kitchen window lives a dove named Noah with his wife and many children.

If she had free time, Darlene would enjoy cooking, gardening, painting, sewing, and training her wild animals.

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