Yahweh in the Stone Age

ancient-1246447_1920Something is amiss.

We receive the Bible with joy. It speaks truth into our hearts, from the story of Adam’s fall to the Savior’s advent. From paradise lost to heaven gained. It is the story written on our heart, the hope of ages.

The internal story, the fulfilled prophecies, the life of Christ, the sacrificial commitment of the disciples, all speak to truth. And when we receive Christ, the promises given to Adam, Abraham, David, Peter, become ours.

We understand David’s psalms because we live them. We know that same God. We know that same Lord Jesus. We cling tightly to him as they did. The internal evidences within the Bible, and corresponding external experiences speak to our very souls.

But then we find out.
• There is no geological evidence for Noah’s flood.
• There is no archaeological evidence for Moses’s Exodus, or even for Moses in Egypt.
• There is doubt spinning around about the very existence of Jesus of Nazareth.
• And on top of everything else, Reason speaks against anyone rising from the dead.

What do we have? If there is no flood, why is it in the Bible? Did God lie about rescuing a holy family from a wicked world?

If the Exodus did not happen, why is it in the Bible? The Passover is a symbol of Christ. Did God lie about that, too?


And if there is no Jesus, if there is no resurrection—what am I doing? What is this feeling I have when I pray? Is my mind making up this whole religious-experience? Is it all really a scam?


Didn’t God know about the Neanderthals? Is there even a God?


Yahweh in the Stone Age is a survey of the questions pummeling the Church today. It is a serious consideration of scientific, historical and rational proofs that Christians and atheists use in that ongoing fight over TRUTH.

What can we believe? Ultimately what evidence do we have for knowing Truth–Evidential Truth–or are we stuck with just having to “believe what others tell us”?

After reading this book, you will know how to find out what is REALLY REAL.

And you will know that what you believe must be reasonable and reliable. No excuses.


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