Tim Reynolds, Detective:

Summer Giveaway Raffle #2

By Darlene N. Böcek

Tim Reynolds, Detective: The Death of Noah Black

Sci-Fi Slipstream Suspense

A knock on the mansion door, a ghostly warning, and eerie events surrounding the death of a young man propel Detective Tim Reynolds into the mystery of a lifetime–or rather, of two lifetimes.

When another corpse shows up morphed, everything turns on its head–and the line between possible and impossible is broken.

Little does Tim Reynolds know what the death of Noah Black will cost him.

A Christian slipstream sci-fi mystery.

Summer 2021

Giveaway Raffle #2


To 🎉 CELEBRATE 🥳  the release of Tim Reynolds, Detective: The Death of Noah Black -a Christian Slipstream Mystery, we are sponsoring a series of book-themed giveaways.

Raffle #2: Detective costume set:

a mahogany magnifying glass, a Sherlock hat, a detective scarf, and a miniature “Antikythera” device, featured in the novel.

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