The Ray

The Ray

A man, a woman, and a strange laser ray pointing back in history

When Baren is forced down the One-Way Alley, from which no one returns, he plans to change things in the robot-run dystopian city he's forced to slave for.

But he does not expect to find the mysterious Ray and its off-switch.

About the Book

This book is currently being written, see progress bar below.

About the Author
Darlene N. Bocek

Darlene Bocek and her family live in Izmir, Turkey. Making the Bible accessible, the main message of her stories, is dear to their family's heart.  Besides being a pastor's wife, she is mom to four wonderful young adults, each one her most favorite.  She spends "most" of her time in front of the washing machine, and her spare time writing (or vice-versa).

The family lives on an olive farm overlooking the Aegean sea in Turkey. To date, they have nine  sixteen twenty-four cats, three giant dogs, and two Havanese. Most pets are named for movie characters. Outside the kitchen window lives a dove named Noah with his wife and many children.

If she had free time, Darlene would enjoy cooking, gardening, painting, sewing, and training her wild animals.