Immortals Survive

Immortals Survive

"Yes, perhaps some suffer for the good of the whole. Still, the needs of a few must not cripple the many."  -Chancellor Jacob Price

2050. The Dogma Wars have decimated the world. But in the rebuilt cities, crime, sickness, and religion are no more--thanks to the miracle-drug Theta-66. So life is perfect and peaceful. Unless you are a Christian.

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In a world where immortality is possible, but at a deadly cost, JulieAnn is a forest girl who must fight for survival against nature, man, and beast.

When her family is suddenly arrested and taken to a high-tech city, JulieAnn knows that time is running out before their minds are erased forever. With only her mathematical mind, jiu-jitsu skills, and a weak faith in God to guide her, JulieAnn sets out on a treacherous journey through a dangerous mountain to rescue her family.

But her journey is far from easy, as she evades the Feralis Umbrae, monster-men bent on capturing her as well. With each step, JulieAnn faces new challenges and tests her strength, both physical and emotional. And when she is aided by a strange will o’the wisp that lights her way, she begins to uncover secrets about the immortality that everyone craves – secrets that threaten to upend everything she knows.

As JulieAnn battles her way through the mountain, she must confront her own beliefs about life, death, and the meaning of immortality. Then she discovers a truth that could change everything.

Full of heart-pumping action, unexpected twists, and a hint of the supernatural, “Immortals Survive” is a thrilling adventure that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. JulieAnn’s courage and determination will inspire you, and her story will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

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Series: Immortals, Book 1
Genre: Sci-fi Fantasy
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