Tim Reynolds, Time Detective: The Death of Noah Black

Tim Reynolds, Time Detective: The Death of Noah Black

A young man is dead, and no one can explain his wounds

Detective Tim Reynolds must solve the mystery of a lifetime. And the reader has to help him...

Christian, Decide MeWe group worked together to solve this horrific crime.

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About the Book

Christian, Decide is a book club where the readers contribute to the book. Tim Reynolds: Time Detective began with the working title You Shouldn’t Have Come. For six weeks, readers read a scene a day and voted on what direction Detective Tim Reynolds should take in solving his crime. They solved the crime, but with disastrous results for poor Tim.

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Tim Reynolds, Detective: The Death of Noah Black
Due:5 days ago

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About the Author
Darlene N. Bocek

Darlene Bocek and her family live in Izmir, Turkey. She and her family are Marvel MCU, early Star Wars, and Twilight Zone fans and her favorite MCU character is Rocket Raccoon. Besides being a pastor’s wife, she is mom to four wonderful young adults, each one her most favorite.

The family lives on an olive farm overlooking the Aegean Sea. To date, they have nine  sixteen twenty-four cats, three giant dogs, two cute Havanese doggos and one African Grey parrot. (Check HERE for pictures!) Most pets are named for movie characters.

Making the Bible accessible, the main message of her stories, is dear to their family's heart.  If she had free time, Darlene would enjoy cooking, gardening, painting, sewing, and training her wild animals.

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