Fight for Supremacy: Belisarius’ Ring Challenges Sauron — Showdown!

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Trunk of Scrolls, Trunk of Scrolls Resources

Sauron created a ring to rule them all. Great, ideal, wicked plans. Or maybe he was idealistic, and his hope was world peace. But the fact of the matter is he wanted to control the world and he made a ring.

In Trunk of Scrolls, Belisarius gives a ring to Byziana. There is a lot of cross-over about this historical-fiction ring of Belisarius and the fantasy ring of Sauron.

However, I cannot go into detail about some of the elements, since it would be spoiling the story.

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And the winner is….


Author’s Note:

Sacred to the memory of The Ring of Power and the brave souls who saved Middle Earth. This is the third in a series comparing the characters and items in Trunk of Scrolls to my favorite fictional characters and items. FACE OFF SERIES


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