Healthy For Life: News Report

My high school daughters produced this amazing video for their Nutrition Class. I hope you enjoy it, and learn some healthy-living facts along the way. With much appreciation to Dr. David Perlmutter, whose work was a significant part of their...

Byzantine iPad found in Shipwreck!

I was amazed to find this article about an ancient invention found in the Yenikapi excavations in Istanbul, Turkey. They call it a Byzantine iPad because of its portable nature: “a notebook and tool in one.”  In the bottom is a hidden “app,”...

Our Daily Bread Crust

Bread has crust. It*s a scientific law of breadmaking. It will have a crust, because it’s got an inside and an outside. And the outside will become crusted in the oven. BREAD CRUST holds a special meaning for Christians, or it should. We pray, “Give us...

Athiest Claims to See Hell

Can a changed life provide evidence that a proported event has happened? In the case below, this college professor on his death-bed experiences some of the pains of what he says was hell.  The change in his life shows that SOMETHING happened. What would a scientist...

The Language of the Universe

The WORD became flesh is so much more than an IDEA. It is a PERSON, a joining of the laws of nature, the laws of God, humanity and divinity. A virgin conceived: the merging of supernatural and natural. The word became flesh: God’s thoughts and desires and power...



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