On Thursday We Leave for Home (The Twilight Zone)

This assignment is based on the Twilight Zone episode On Thursday We Leave for Home (season 4 episode 16). [WHERE TO WATCH THESE VIDEOS] Who is defining right and wrong for everyone else in the beginning of the video? What reasons does he have for doing this? What do you think would have happened if he had let the […]

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Earthquakes and Agnosticism

1. The Accusation 2. The “Self-evident” Premises 3. The Y factor 4. Objectively Verifiable Truths The accusation Neil deGrasse Tyson: It is not good for earthquakes to happen. It proves that there is no “good” God who made this system. Facts: Lisbon, Portugal.  Date 1755.  An earthquake happens on All Saints Day.  80,000 people die in church. MORE INFO […]

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