BIG QUESTIONS OF LIFE The following are significant topics and big questions on Quora. I believe that the Big Questions of life are put here by God as a Writing on the Wall, similar to the divine writing in the story in the Book of Daniel. I firmly believe that God put these questions on earth with […]

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The Vote: Pick Your Poison, or is it something else?

I thought I wouldn*t watch the Presidential Debates. I thought I would just stick my head in the sand and hope for the election to be over before I pulled it out again. But I watched the SNL parody of the Presidential Debates which made me wonder about the actual Debate. And next thing I knew I […]

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Gerstner and Trunk of Scrolls

Trunk of Scrolls is infused with John Gerstner. The questions he poses in his Handout Apologetics are the ones philosophers have been debating since the beginning. And yet, Gerstner and Trunk of Scrolls provide hope for those answers. As should be clear by the very focus of my website, “Promoting Intelligent Christianity,” it is by […]

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