Intro: Principles of the Prophets (Writing on the Wall)


The Bible is about one thing: the Purpose of God for this world.

Within that purpose is a reflection of his Character and our need to conform to his requirements. God puts us into circumstances that prove our nature, whether we worship this world or him.

This proving I call Separation Filters, and include Heavens Declare, Pleasure, Suffering, Covenant, Wisdom of the Wise.

Belshazzar’s Feast (Rembrandt)


When the prophet Daniel saw the writing on the palace wall of Belshazzar, he knew immediately that the king’s time was up. The king had been “measured, measured, weighed and divided” (mene mene tekel upharsin).

Scripture shows we likewise are being measured, weighed and divided in our lives.


The testing is part of the Architect God’s big purpose, for life and everything we face measures WHAT we are. God is building a New Heavens and a New Earth, which is to be populated by those whose lives show they have entered into Covenant.

As you read about these themes in Scripture you will recognize Separation Filters in your own life, consequently answering those Big Questions of life.

Daniel preached what all the prophets have preached since the beginning. The parables of Christ are all about this same thing.

You have this ONE LIFE to “measure up” to God’s expectations.

But what you must find is God’s measure is far too difficult to achieve. Your failure must to lead you to the idea of UP IS DOWN.



The principles which the prophets have been teaching since the beginning, and which are likewise written on the walls of our hearts, can be discovered clearly over and over in Scripture. I recommend highlighting these as you find them. The highlighting method I call Rainbow Scaffold.

The following links can introduce you to the idea and how it clarifies your understanding of the Bible, and helps you answer the Big Questions of life.

Introduction to Rainbow Scaffold

Rainbow Scaffold by Book of the Bible

Rainbow Scaffold by Theme

Resources about Writing on the Wall:

(video) Big Questions 2: What Has God Written on the Wall?

This world is filled with Big Questions.

People who know their God can understand the Big Questions, like Daniel could read the Writing on the Wall: “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin.” God wrote two books. Both books give the same message, both together answer all of the Big Questions of life.

–Video 2 in the Writing on the Wall (Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin) series, unlocking the Big Questions

–How can we know God? If the Bible is a self-revelation of God to man, what does he say about himself through the Bible? Why do some people hate the God of the Bible, and others adore him?

We will investigate in this video series thematic lines running through the Bible. We will learn to highlight the amazing continuity of these 10 ideas God is conveying to us. Since the goal of reading the Bible is knowing God and since this is why he gave us a book, knowing who he is and his purpose and plan for the world is foundational.

This second video introduces the Big Questions in light of God’s 10 strand “rainbow-scaffold” of self-revelation in the Bible.

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(Video) Big Questions 1: How Can I Know God?


This world is filled with Big Questions.

About God. About our Future. About Suffering and Grief and Disaster. About Religion and Morality. About Love and Hate. These Big Questions assault us from every angle, and never leave us alone. Like Belshazzar who saw the confusing writing on the wall, these Questions need an answer, and we want a reliable and true and undebatable answers.

–Video 1 in the Writing on the Wall (Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin) series–

How can I know God? Why is he hiding? Why do we need the Bible? Why is there suffering in this world? This video introduces the Big Questions and how to find the answers to them.

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cropped-TOSlogo.pngThe following are significant topics and big questions on Quora.

I believe that the Big Questions of life are put here by God as a Writing on the Wall, similar to the divine writing in the story in the Book of Daniel. I firmly believe that God put these questions on earth with the express intention of it leading people to finding the truth that is only found through the Incarnation and Atonement of Jesus Christ.

In reading my answers you will find a wholistic approach to faith and apologetics that leans more on the mind, on “intelligent Christianity,” than it does on quick sound-bite answers that leave you unsatisfied. I hope they stimulate your mind and assists you in interpreting the Writing on YOUR wall.  CLICK ON —