Choosing a target

Your Genre=the group you want to lead
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Target Audience (choice 1)

YA*Young (12-16)

YA*OLDER (17-26)

Also called Gen Z. Out of high school and finishing university, finding and exploring their place in the world.


In the work force, moving forward quickly in the beginning of adult life.

GEN X (41-55)

Well into life and career. Kids are graduating from high school and entering adult life. This person is facing mid-life difficulties including sicknesses and discouragement.


The newly retired or about to be retired. This person often still has energy to travel and explore the world but without the time restraints of a job. Often gets involved in service projects.

Silent gen (76+)

Age and vitality limit what this person is able to do outside of the house. They depend on others and on books and TV for occupying their time.