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I love stories where families pull together as they struggle through all the difficulties and hardships of life – with only one true guiding light. This is exactly what you get in Trunk of Scrolls. You also get high drama in situations that will warm your heart, break your heart and strengthen your family. It will help your family see the only solution and what it means to follow Christ in a broken and threatening world.

Pastor Scott Brown

National Center for Family Integrated Churches



Trunk of Scrolls is an illuminating story written with the novelist’s eye for the telling detail. Darlene Bocek does more than tell a story—she breathes life into church history and inspires us to reverence for the Sacred Writings.  A sparkling tale that is rich with meaning.”

Jill Nelson, World Magazine correspondent





“Church history is exciting, but not always told in an exciting way.  As historical fiction, Trunk of Scrolls transports the reader to another time and place while making it all seem less remote.  Written in vivid—sometimes almost poetic—prose, this is a page-turner.  I’m sure that it will reach the wide audience that it deserves.”

Dr. Michael S. Horton

Professor of Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California since 1998, Editor-in-Chief of Modern Reformation Magazine, and President and host of the nationally syndicated radio broadcast, The White Horse Inn




“This exciting and engaging story takes us back to the sixth century in order to consider the most critical question of every age: Who is Jesus Christ? A great read!”

Dr. Joel R. Beeke

President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan








Trunk of Scrolls is a fascinating and entertaining story. A joy to read. If you like to be engaged as you read and see how Scripture can help you make good choices through difficult situations, this story is for you.”

Dr. Darrell Bock

Executive Director for Cultural Engagement, Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement Senior; Research Professor of New Testament Studies Dallas Theological Seminary




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  • Valeri Marsh

    Beginning with the excitement of its opening scene of a young man being kidnapped on horseback, through every twist and turn, heartthrob and heartbreak, all the way to its final and satisfying resolution, this book had me gripped. Trunk of Scrolls fell open and I fell in, and throughout the adventure, mystery, drama, action and romance, I found myself lost in the author’s world and deeply attached to and caring about her characters. They became my friends; I hated her villains and loved her heroes and heroines…MY heroes and heroines. Their stories thrilled my soul and warmed my heart for many weeks after I finished the book. And though I learned as much political and church history as I would have in any good quality mini-course, I never felt as though I were being taught–rather, the time period, the surroundings, and its people simply became my own. If only learning history in school could be this real and exciting!

    The author crafted a brilliant, layered story and took us through it at the perfect cadence, artfully using both flashbacks and lively pacing to unfold her captivating tale. The questions the characters struggled with were profound, and Ms. Bocek skillfully wove their queries throughout the book in a way that was thought-provoking yet quite natural and easy to understand. I grappled alongside her characters as they worked through the Monophysite Controversy, experiencing the conflict in a way that was not only academic but also personal, and I came away from it with a deepened appreciation for why it was such a terribly important piece of church history.

    My children ages 12-19 also read the book, and found it equally exciting. Two of even them re-read the story just to enjoy it all over again. We are a family of bibliophiles, and none of us had expected such an excellent read from such a new author, but we are all thankful Ms. Bocek has found her gifting. We hope she writes a sequel, but whatever she does write, we will be first in line to get it.

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