Trunk of Scrolls SE “The Lost Trunk”

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Trunk of Scrolls
Free Special Extended Edition

Trunk of Scrolls is a story of long ago, taking place during the Byzantine times. And yet it is a story of today. It is about our lives, about the DRAGONS and TROLLS we face daily in lives here in the 21st century.

The Lost Trunk
your FREE SE-extended 21st century
serial novella addition to 
Trunk of Scrolls.


Lost Trunk Bookmarks:

Look for the TRUNK “Easter Egg” in the TRUNK OF SCROLLS: A FAMILY ADVENTURE —the trunk pictured here. Whenever this symbol appears in Trunk of Scrolls, it is a clue that the Lost Trunk serial has an episode to read.

Breaking the 4th wall, the BOOKMARKS start and close each section of Trunk of Scrolls with a fast-forward into 21st century California.

The Lost Trunk is a three-part serial novella coordinating with and introducing TRUNK OF SCROLLS.