Trunk of Scrolls: Hidden Parchments Launch Team

EARTHQUAKE Launch Team is Open!

Hey friends!

There was a terrible earthquake on Feb 6, 2023 that destroyed a huge chunk of our country. The image shows our country enlarged & superimposed on top of America.

According to Reuters, 24 million people are impacted, of 84 million people in Turkey. That is 29% of our population! 1.3 million displaced. That would be equivalent 4.74 million Americans– to all of the San Fernando Valley (LA++) suddenly having no home. We’re guessing about 150,000 have lost their lives.

Besides the dangers of living homeless, outdoors winter, people have a desperate need for HOPE.

My first novel was Trunk of Scrolls (published in 2018). The story is about a family who lived through the AD 526 earthquake in Antioch,

That earthquake was the same location and the same magnitude
as the one we just lived through!

In the story, survivors are dealing with how to trust God in the midst of tragedy, and how to move forward in life though they’ve lost everything. It is a story of HOPE.

A story about the WHY of Suffering.
How timely to have this book now in Turkish.

If you are interested in helping with the launch, please fill out the : 👉 Trunk of Scrolls: Hidden Parchments Launch Team application below.

Otherwise, feel free to purchase the Earlier version of Trunk of Scrolls, which will likewise contribute toward this book project:




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