Free Turkish Motif Cross-Stitch Patterns

The following are Free from Filiz Turkocagi

Coffee Cup

Color Translation:
398 Light Grey
399 Dark Grey
380 Dark Brown
351 Light Brown
1049 Tobacco
306 Golden-Yellow
1098 Light Red
47 Dark Red
134 Indigo
142 Dark Blue
140 Light Blue
256 Green
1 White

Karanfil & Lale (Carnation & Tulip)

Color Translation:
16 Dark Red
108 Light Red
34 Light Green
13 Dark Blue
216 Light Blue
30 Indigo

Blue Tulip

Color Translation:
20 Light indigo
102 Dark Blue
216 Light Blue
16 Dark Red
106 Light Red
22 Dark Green
20 Light Green

Small Coasters or Napkin Holders

These were found on Filiz Turkocagi’s Pinterest Site. Take a look to see more free cross-stitch patterns, many with Turkish designs. Also see this Russian Filiz Turkocagi Fan Site for various ways to use these patterns.




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