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Separation Filters: Isaiah 7

The story of King Ahaz, the Syrian threat versus the Assyrian hope, the Immanuel promise, and the names of Isaiah’s sons all point to one amazing truth: This suffering world is the venue for sorting people both by their deeds…

The Ugly Truth: I Love Will

School Shootings on Valentine's Day? What is happening to this world? There is nothing new, really, under the sun. As it was in the days of Noah so it is still today. Everyone is in love with the same person.…

R.C., Me and the Maverick Molecule

When I met R. C. Sproul, I was spanking new to this theology thing. We were at Westminster Seminary in California, it must have been 1996, and had just finished an evening seminar on the Providence of God. I came after…

Luther, the Blue Portal & the Pea-Green Coat Guy, Episode 1

by s. nicole böcek 2017 and AD 33 Sometimes life takes you where you don’t expect to go. When Amber woke up, she had no idea that a man in a pea-green coat would soon be crawling through her window.…

Trunk of Scrolls as Curriculum

Church History Curriculum Trunk of Scrolls is so full of history, it COULD HAVE been true! Omnibus II and Church History Curriculum Church Fathers to the Reformation, Trunk of Scrolls Tie-in When scheduling your year of Church Fathers to the Reformation, perhaps…


BIG QUESTIONS OF LIFE The following are significant topics and big questions on Quora. I believe that the Big Questions of life are put here by God as a Writing on the Wall, similar to the divine writing in the…
  • Colin Rid

    Hi Darlene, lovely website and very informative. I have taken the liberty of down loading The Lost Trunk, as a prequel to purchasing a couple of other titles. I see you like cats lol…that`s a lot to feed, but I see you have plenty of room there. It looks lovely, and I look forward to reading your books.God Bless you and your family and look forward to meeting you in Heaven ! …peace be with you ..Colin

  • Glad you like the site. There are lots of things to read and discover on here. Take a look at Musings/BIG QUESTIONS (top menu) for more Quora questions. I look forward to your feedback on the books. Blessings, Darlene