Worldview Lessons

What is worldview, and why is it important for a Christian to know his or her worldview?  In 2006, had a wonderful resource online that is now no longer live.  With a hat-tip to Mr Hom (, I will republish his site which is now only found on “The Wayback Machine”

Worldview Lessons

Teach Apologetics Through TV Shows With a $5 DVD

Let me guess:

  • You’re not sure whether using TV shows to teach Bible will reach your students?
  • You’re unsure whether secular shows are appropriate for your age group?
  • You’re unsure how relevant media awareness really is for your students?

We invite you to try our material out.  We’re confident that you’ll find the material relevant, appealing, and thoroughly Biblical.  For this reason,we’ve created two special assignments based on The Twilight Zonethat can both be completed using a single $5 DVD purchase and free materials from

The DVD is available from and contains four classic Twilight Zone episodes.  Two of them will be used for teaching apologetics:

  • “The Eye of the Beholder,” an episode about a woman whose horribly deformed face has kept her other people from accepting her.  She is about to undergo her eleventh and final chance to have her face surgically altered so she can live like a “normal” person.  This episode raises many significant questions.  What does it really mean to be beautiful?  Who decides what is right for society?  Material based on this episode was presented at the 2004-5 ACSI convention in Sacramento, CA.  A worksheet containing background material on morality can be given to students before they watch “The Eye of the Beholder.”
  • “Where Is Everybody?”  This was the pilot episode that put The Twilight Zone on the air.  An Air Force pilot finds himself walking down a road but can’t remember who he is.  He slowly discovers the loss of his identity, his companions, and sanity itself.  The story raises some classic epistemological questions: What are the limitations of the human mind?  How do we know what is truly real?  Who is able to guard and protect our knowledge?