Homeschool History of Trunk of Scrolls

by | Oct 28, 2023 | Trunk of Scrolls Resources


In 2016, Trunk of Scrolls: A Family Adventure was released into the world.

The birth of an idea….

In 2014, our homeschool curriculum had reached the historical time period of the post-apostolic Early Church, but as I looked for fiction to supplement our curriculum, I found…(cue crickets)…nothing.

Outside of a few romances from ancient Rome and Jerusalem, stories for young people about the space between Revelation and the Middle Ages was not to be found. Nothing (appropriate) about the Byzantine world. Nothing about the pivotal Church Counsels that occurred during the late Roman/early Byzantine era.

So my daughters and I used the month of November, NanoWriMo, to research about and write 3 novels that took place in the Byzantine world.

At the end of the month, my daughters went back to school, and I continued working on Trunk of Scrolls. Truth be told, I was swept into the research.

The story begins in Antioch, AD 526, just before a terrible earthquake that destroyed the city. The story is so well-researched that it actually could have happened like this, and reviews all mention the readers’ depth of immersion into the time period!

On October 21, 2016, the first edition of Trunk of Scrolls: A Family Adventure released into the world. Since then it has been enjoyed by hundreds of people. But my hope is that more people will learn of this book and be blessed by the experience of Marcellus and Byziana in the ancient world of Byzantium.

There are Homeschool materials for ages 12-18 available as well as a small group study guide.

Marcellus vs Aragorn: The Showdown 2
Marcellus vs Aragorn: The Showdown 2

Take a look at the REELS about the Aragorn/Marcellus battle on INSTAGRAM In the realms of noble valor and unwavering courage, Marcellus emerges as the true epitome of heroism in 'Trunk of Scrolls.' Rooted in Byzantine nobility, Marcellus stands as a beacon of strength...

The Turkish Connection to the Paths of Faith and Fire Kickstarter
The Turkish Connection to the Paths of Faith and Fire Kickstarter

SAD NOTE: The Earthquake In February 2023 in Antioch, Turkey, there was a terrible earthquake of the same magnitude and same destructive power as the 526 Antioch earthquake.  "IS GOD AGAINST US?"  is a big question the survivors ask as they strive to put life back...