Forbidden Desires: The Heart’s Unyielding Battle (‘Trunk of Scrolls: Paths of Faith and Fire’ Forbidden Elements #1)

by | Jan 2, 2024 | Trunk of Scrolls, Trunk of Scrolls Resources

Dive into a world where love knows no bounds but society dictates otherwise.

In the heart of ‘Trunk of Scrolls: Paths of Faith and Fire,’ a poignant tale of forbidden love unfolds.

Marcellus of Byzantine Antioch teeters on the cusp of adulthood. On one fated day, he discovers that his feelings for Byziana, a cherished neighbor and distant relative, are evolving into something profound.

However, in a cruel twist of whims, Byziana is now bound in betrothal to the honorable Captain Belisarius. Not only does Byziana see Marcellus as simply her cousin, the boy-next-door, a brother she’s known her whole life, she’s also of a different faith. He is a Chalcedonian Christian, she is a Monophysite.

His love faces impossible and insurmountable obstacles.

As Marcellus grapples with his burgeoning desires, the clandestine nature of their connection intensifies.

Feelings mature and destinies intertwine, then Marcellus is forced into a heart-wrenching choice between honor and his heart’s deepest desires.

Secrets, shame, and the clash between honor and passion form the crux of this emotional odyssey.

Discover the depths of forbidden love in this riveting tale, available for preorder on

👉 Kickstarter from January 9-23, 2024. 👈


This is the first of five articles featuring the “forbidden” elements of Trunk of Scrolls: Paths of Faith and Fire: FORBIDDEN ELEMENTS SERIES


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Marcellus vs Aragorn: The Showdown 2
Marcellus vs Aragorn: The Showdown 2

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The Turkish Connection to the Paths of Faith and Fire Kickstarter
The Turkish Connection to the Paths of Faith and Fire Kickstarter

SAD NOTE: The Earthquake In February 2023 in Antioch, Turkey, there was a terrible earthquake of the same magnitude and same destructive power as the 526 Antioch earthquake.  "IS GOD AGAINST US?"  is a big question the survivors ask as they strive to put life back...




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