Leia Organa’s Heir? Meet Byziana of Antioch in Trunk of Scrolls!

by | Jan 13, 2024 | Trunk of Scrolls, Trunk of Scrolls Resources

Who is like Leia Organa?

  • She is a natural leader and skilled diplomat with a fine-tuned sense of justice.
  • From her leadership in the Rebel Alliance to her work as a senator, she is in the forefront of leading people out of the clutches of the Evil Empire.
  • Leia is courageous, facing off with Darth Vader himself. She is quick-witted and tough against any resistance to her desire for change.
  • And then there’s her relationship with Han Solo. She carries the nobility and compassion into how she interacts with the rough and ready smuggler-turned-hero.
  • How can anyone suggest a comparison? Leia Organa is in a league of her own.

But here we have it.

We have Byziana of Antioch.

Here is a rough comparison.

If you like Leia, you will love Byziana.

She’s younger, her troubles are more local or national than galaxy-wide. But Byziana’s troubles are more relatable because Byziana is fighting against the same things we face: pain, suffering, frustrating people, confusing feelings, conflicting desires.

If they were to meet, they would have much to talk about and much in common.

Both women

  • maneuver in a world where others are forcing their hand, and
  • both stand strong against that adversity.

But perhaps Byziana can stand her own against Leia.

Author’s Note:

Sacred to the memory of Leia Organa. This is the second in the FACE OFF series comparing the characters and items in Trunk of Scrolls to my favorite fictional characters and items.

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