The Secrets We Carry: How ‘Trunk of Scrolls’ Strikes a Chord with Hidden Sorrows (Forbidden Elements #5)

by | Jan 6, 2024 | Trunk of Scrolls, Trunk of Scrolls Resources

Secrets are the worst.

If we have a secret that belongs to someone else, a juicy piece of gossip,  it’s almost impossible to keep it private–we find so many ways that it could come into a conversation, but we must restrain ourselves. For their sake.

The Forbidden Secrets of Trunk of Scrolls is not this 👆 kind of secret.

It’s the kind of secret that WE refuse to talk about.👇

  • family relationship we can’t tell anyone about
  • pain we are living through
  • abuse we are enduring
  • shameful memory we have had to bear

We all have memories like this. Or things we are even CURRENTLY living through that “CANNOT BE MENTIONED.”

When I wrote Trunk of Scrolls, I combined many elements of life as I had seen them. Types of pain and sorrow.

  • Some bits were what I personally had endured.
  • Some were what dear ones in my life had endured.
  • Some were what strangers had endured.

But the secret that Marcellus carries represents all of our secrets. All of the things that would bring SHAME If it were verbalized, brings SORROW upon the memory, and would SHATTER relationships if it were known.

Trunk of Scrolls does not shy from these things, though they are dealt with in a tender and careful way…

Here’s what a reader wrote in their prayer journal about the way Marcellus’s secret helped her in their pain.

Good Morning to You who holds ALL things together (especially me)!


Thank You so much for the beautiful phase from Colossians 1.17 last night… Darlene Bocek’s book, ‘Trunk of Scrolls,’ described so well things no one else could have known about how to minister to my heart.


I’d just told You while praying on the floor that I needed something to help dry up the desire to weep due to the fear [of being triggered]. Darlene’s words just ministered on so many levels:


“…Unexpectedly, Scripture from last night arrived with a warm, tender breeze that rustled my hair: ‘In Him all things hold together.’ The zephyr…


[the description of a warm, tender breeze instantly reminded me of when You did the same thing for me… the walk down the grass pathway to Mac the day we got married was incredibly sweet then and the memory now still fills me with peace]


lifted my attention away from last night and landed it on, of all things, the kitten my cousins had given me. My kitten. His yellow tail and ears, his eager peaceful nursing, his big white paws. Trusty. That will be his name. If he can trust in his first weeks of life, I can trust. God will hold me together. Keep me from unraveling…Life can move on.”


You, Lord, are more than able, You don’t just help hold all things together, You hold me together! You keep me from unraveling, You make it possible for me/life to move on!

In God’s infinite wisdom, he allows us to live through things we feel we need to keep secret.

He is there. HE IS THERE!


He reveals deep and hidden things;
he knows what lies in darkness,
and light dwells with him.

Daniel 2:22

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