For Me

For Me

Adam chose, for me

–I could have done no better.


Christ died, for me

–died as a man who could die for the trespass

–rose as a God who had power over death.


But there are others who DID, for me…

Mary Magdalene went, for me

to take spices and service, for me

And for me

–she saw him

–she fell at his feet

–she held tight

–she said, “Oh my darling Lord!”

For me


John and Peter ran, for me

–raced, for me

–stopped at the tomb, for me

Because I couldn’t be there

They ducked in, for me


And Thomas asked, for me

–doubted, for me

–touched him, for me

–called him “My Lord & My God”

For me.

Because I couldn’t be there.


And Luke & Mark & Matthew & John wrote it down, for me

–remembered, for me

–took a pen and parchment, with me in mind

–and researched more, for me.


Because I couldn’t be there

They did it, for me

& through them, I was there.


–I saw

–I held

–I cried

–I touched

–I knew


because they did it

For Me!–by Darlene N. Bocek

Sola Fides is summarized by the words “For Me”


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