Christian Dragons & Fairies & Droids, Oh My!

Christian Dragons & Fairies & Droids, Oh My!

Magical Creativity in Christian Fiction A Christian Approach to Alternate Reality Stories Recently, I was asked on Quora about Christian use of magic and alternate reality in fiction. After thinking about it for a while, I wrote to a guru on the topic, Steve Laube....

To Please the People

At what point should a writer write to please the people, and at what point should a writer write what should be said? A lively discussion on this topic was recently on Steve Laube agency’s “What’s Wrong with my Book” blog post by Tamela...

BEST OF THE BEST Sites for Writers

All Christians are in a state of flux… ALREADY/NOT YET: We are righteous already, but not yet. We are seated in the heavenlies already, but not yet. We are experiencing eternal life already, but not yet. We are sinless in God’s eyes, but not yet in the...

Review of Playing Saint, by Zachary Bartels

Playing Saint by Zachary Bartels, which came out in 2014, gets top score in my book. As a pop Christian novel, it does an excellent job of intertwining history, intrigue, character development and theology. The protagonist is an up-and-coming tele-evangelist...

100 Things to Do Instead of Editing your Novel

Write a blog post entitled “100 Things to Do Instead of Editing your Novel” Find articles and blog posts about how to edit your novel (see Lists) Comment on those blog posts in detail Read books about editing your novel (see Lists) Take your kids out to...



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