Death is an Appointment you Will Keep

Dear friend, I desire to warn you with love. You and I cannot escape death. It is an appointment we will keep . . . regardless. Are you prepared to die? Sincerely, --Joel R. Beeke Dear Reader, You and I may not know each other; possibly we shall never see one another....

Flee the Wrath to Come!

Flee! If we have learned anything from these warnings, EVACUATIONS for Hurricane Irma and Pac NW Fires, it is the reality and mercy of the urgent need to... "Flee from the Wrath to Come!" Do you hear the alarm? Do you not worry about the God of Nature? Why does he...

Redemption of Time: Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter: (Sept. 23. 1667) **ON REDEMPTION OF TIME** O value Time before it's gone! Use it before it's taken from you! Dispatch the work that you were made for: Repent and turn to God unfeignedly: Prepare for death without delay: Time will not stay; nor will it...




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