Step 1: Investigate the GENERATIONS

Q: Which table/club would this person be a part of? Based on the pictures, find ONE person in the context of their groupies

Step 2: Double check the Genre connection

Q: Does the genre you write resonate with that generation? What is the likelihood of it hitting the mark?

Step 3: Double-check your specific sub-sub category on Amazon using K-lytics or KDSpy.


Step 4: Combine

What is your combination?

Generation + Your Person’s photo + sub-sub category= YOUR TARGET COMBINATION

Step 5: Congratulations!

(or start over. It’s a hard choice.)




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sci-fi, fantasy, and mind-bending stories and to grow into better people because of what we've read and how we've interacted


We love because he first loved us.

Welcome to the Club! Glad to have you among us.