Cross Promotion

If you’re here, more than likely I’ve asked to be able to feature you for a month. My goal is to direct readers to the best of the best in Christian speculative fiction. Please take a look at the following and fill out as many of them as you can. Thanks!

  1. And Everyone Marveled YouTube Podcast interview (see HERE for example) about the your past novel and an upcoming novel (let me know if you have questions you’d like to answer; otherwise, we will prepare them). 
  2. The WonderLit Persona Interview with a character from your story
  3. Faith in Fiction Written Q/A Interview about your inspiration, ideas, faith in fiction (less detailed than the Podcast interview)
  4. Facts of the Matter: Christian Universe 500-1000 word Guest article on a science/history/startling real-life topic tied into your series, “Did you know?” type of article. 
  5. OtherWorld Cupcake recipe This is a follow-up for the WonderLit Christmas cookie book. This time we’re featuring CUPCAKES!  Click the link to get started.
  6. Readers Ask: At the tail end of the promotion, I’ll call for questions from readers that we’d love for you to answer. 

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May 10, 2021