Ethical and Situational Themes

by | Aug 15, 2017

Trunk of Scrolls is an historical fiction book. It is also our story, of life and problems we face in the 21st century.

These themes are not lightweight, yet in the context of family reading time Trunk of Scrolls opens up discussion into these important ideas, from a conservative Christian point of view.

During the Byzantine times, many changes in church and culture were setting the stage for the errors of the Middle Ages, issues which Martin Luther and the other reformers sounded the alarm. Those who had access to the Bible were unique in that they still had something to refer to upon which to base their challenges. Trunk of Scrolls is about the Only Family left with a Bible.


Due to some serious ethical and situational themes in the book, Trunk of Scrolls needs parental guidance for children 12 or younger.

—spoiler alert–

Topical Themes: Why does God allow bad things to happen to us? Why does it matter what we believe? Is the dual-nature of Christ even important? Should I give up my dreams for the good of my family? How sovereign is God? Should we obey the government at the cost of our faith? How can I prove myself a man?  Are relics useful? How trustworthy is God? How helpful is the Bible for answering these issues?

The characters struggle with many big problems because their lives have been struck by a natural disaster. Families can spend time discussing these issues if desired, or let the characters live-out the solutions. The StudyGuide is helpful for families in this.

Ethical/Situational themes: Death,  robbery, destitution, sickness, prostitution, sexual-abuse, debt, carnal living, deception, slavery and kidnapping are some of the BIG ISSUES faced by the family. 

These are big topics. Under the guidance of a parent, these issues can be discussed or slipped-over. The prostitution and sexual-abuse topics are subtle enough that younger readers will not necessarily notice, and innocence can be preserved. The only thing directly spoken of is a “bad thing” that happened. Older children will most likely understand.

Other less-critical but sensitive issues: irresponsible parenting, disobedient children, the death of a pet, losing everything in an earthquake, being lost, being attacked by wolves, being drugged by kidnappers, fighting alcoholism.

With a list like that! But wait…by no means is this a downer of a book! Yes, the main characters have a lot against them after the earthquakes, but on the contrary…

It is an investigation, through story, into suffering as the context for us to come to know God’s great love. Readers discover that suffering proves the necessity of Christ being both God and man and learn to triumph in difficulty through knowing God and his Word.

It is about faith and trust, about keeping true to God no matter the cost, about reading your Bible and growing in faith because of it. 

I am a mother of four, a classroom teacher, a history teacher, a homeschool teacher and a pastor’s wife. As such I wrote a book that instructs in history, guides in faith and entertains the mind.

May it be a blessing to your family.


Ephesians 4:29: Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.

Questions and Answers about specific, sensitive elements in Trunk of Scrolls.

WARNING: This link contains spoilers, so you should read the book first for full enjoyment of the story.

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