Rainbow Scaffold (Theme)

Rainbow Scaffold Verses

Organized by Theme

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Purple: The Purpose of God

The Eternal Plan of the Ancient of Days is found in time words in the Bible: terms like “everlasting,” “for generations,” “age to age” reflect this plan from the beginning.



Dark Blue: The Character of God

Who God is and how God is are shown by his self-declarations and his deeds, especially understood through the Bible.



Orange: Covenant God

He keeps his people under his faithful, loving care, and his people are to be responding to him likewise in a committed, faithful way.

The People of God respond to Covenant a certain way–in trust and obedience. God-haters respond to Covenant a certain way–in assaulting God’s people and in blaspheming. So God’s Covenant also functions as a Separation Filter.



Green: Architect God

He weighs and measures our deeds and sets forth the plumb line in conscience and his Word.



Yellow: Separation Filters

Life sorts people into two groups by their choices, and specific opportunities are given to force that choice, proving what that person is.



Pink: Pleasure

Good things in this world either pull us away into idolatry or draw us to God as the source of all joy and contentment.



Brown: Suffering

Pain and suffering in this world either push us into anger toward God and atheism or into a deeper trust of his ways.



Red: Wisdom of the Wise

How we answer the big questions and how we weigh the ungodly principles of this world sift us into a self-serving life or a deeper faith and trust of God’s Word.



Light Blue: Up is Down

The only way to know God is by going down. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. He requires humility and repentance, both requiring a submission to the manner God requires.


Light Green: Heavens Declare

All things in nature find their source in the creative mind of God, so all aspects of science and reason are intended teach us the character and nature of God, often as analogies.

Often these themes overlap within one verse and need more than one color. 

Many passages in Scripture include all of the colors. In fact, Psalm 23, the Lord’s Prayer, Colossians 2, and many of our favorite chapters in the Bible are concentrated with all of the rainbow scaffold themes.

It resonates because these are the themes the Spirit has been teaching us all along, and it’s chock-full of it all.

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