Marcellus vs Aragorn: The Showdown 2

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In the realms of noble valor and unwavering courage, Marcellus emerges as the true epitome of heroism in ‘Trunk of Scrolls.’

Rooted in Byzantine nobility, Marcellus stands as a beacon of strength for his friends and family, mirroring the iconic Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings saga. Their tales may be set in distinct epochs, yea verily, in different universes, yet the similarities between these noble warriors are striking.

  1. Noble Heritage: Like Aragorn, Marcellus is born into a lineage of honor and virtue, tracing his ancestry to revered figures like St. Macrina and St. Basil. (M1/A0)
  2. Warrior’s Prowess: Marcellus undergoes a transformative journey, evolving from a novice swordsman to a formidable warrior, reminiscent of Aragorn’s growth. (M2/A0)
  3. Unrequited Love: Both characters grapple with the complexities of love, with Marcellus silently cherishing his feelings for Byziana, akin to Aragorn’s devoted affection for Arwen. But Aragorn never moved forward without Arwen’s reciprocal love. (M3/A0)
  4. Leadership Under Duress: In the face of adversity, Marcellus assumes a leadership role, steering his companions through challenges—a trait shared with Aragorn. Aragorn’s duress was of a multi-scaled nature, so I will give him the point here. (M3/A1)
  5. Journey of Self-Discovery: Marcellus, much like Aragorn, embarks on a journey of self-discovery, grappling with fears and emerging as a stalwart defender of his people. Aragorn on the other hand simply had to pick up his broken sword. (M4/A1)

As we explore the multifaceted virtues of Marcellus, the echoes of Aragorn’s legacy resound, affirming the timeless allure of noble heroes in the annals of epic literature. So far, these five show that Marcellus holds his own against the mighty Aragorn. But how can we weigh which one is superior? I have to say I think Marcellus is cooler.

  1. Faithful Devotion: Marcellus exemplifies unwavering loyalty, much like Aragorn’s dedication to his quest. His commitment to Byziana, despite societal constraints, echoes the profound devotion seen in Aragorn. This is where Marcellus shines, but Aragorn was devoted to Middle Earth.  (M4/A2)
  2. Courage in Adversity: Facing peril head-on, Marcellus mirrors Aragorn’s bravery in challenging circumstances. Both heroes display resilience when confronted with the harsh realities of their worlds. (M5/A2)
  3. Confidence in Identity: Marcellus shares Aragorn’s journey of self-discovery, grappling with questions of identity and destiny. Their paths involve accepting responsibilities and fulfilling their destinies. But Marcellus’s story is one of finding that confidence, while Aragorn was cool for having it all along. (M5/A3)
  4. Empathy and Compassion: Much like Aragorn’s compassionate nature, Marcellus extends empathy to those around him. His interactions reveal a tender heart, reflective of the kindness inherent in Aragorn. (M6/A3)
  5. Legacy of Leadership: Marcellus, inheriting leadership responsibilities, channels Aragorn’s legacy as a worthy and capable leader. Both characters embody the essence of noble leaders who guide their people through trials. In the end, Aragorn becomes King of Kings of Middle Earth, so he earns the coolness point. (M6/A4)

Aragorn is amazing. Aragorn of Gondor has won a place in the hearts and minds of generations of readers. Marcellus holds his own.

  • Still, there is one arena where Marcellus wins hands-down.

  • He fights real world problems against real world foes. For this reason, the winning point goes to Marcellus of Antioch.

Final score: Marcellus 7 / Aragorn 4

If you wonder how it can be, (and I agree Aragorn was pretty close on some of these areas), read Trunk of Scrolls: Paths of Faith and FIre and see if you empathize with Marcellus’s trials and development. He is the real deal.

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Author’s Note:

Sacred to the memory of Aragorn of Gondor and the Middle Earth heroes. This is the fourth in the FACE OFF series comparing the characters and items in Trunk of Scrolls to my favorite fictional characters and items.

Marcellus vs Aragorn: The Showdown
Marcellus vs Aragorn: The Showdown

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