The Turkish Connection to the Paths of Faith and Fire Kickstarter

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Trunk of Scrolls, Trunk of Scrolls Resources

SAD NOTE: The Earthquake

In February 2023 in Antioch, Turkey, there was a terrible earthquake of the same magnitude and same destructive power as the 526 Antioch earthquake. 

“IS GOD AGAINST US?”  is a big question the survivors ask as they strive to put life back together after such destruction. “Why does God allow all these bad things to happen to us?” What would you do?

This is the question Marcellus and Byziana and all the people around them are asking. What do we do when we lose everything? As the book makes its way to Turkey in the next few months, my prayer is this book will be a SALVE on the Turkish people, especially the believers. The Christian gospel is inherent in the story as the characters deal with the destruction of their city.

One of the BACKER PERKS of purchasing this book is a PAY IT FORWARD: each purchase helps fund the Turkish book and audiobook to pass on HOPE to the Turkish people impacted by the earthquake.

WE also need this message of hope in a broken world. We never know when life is going to knock us down. And when it does…what will we do? That is what the reader watches Marcellus figure out as he is trying to decipher the conspiracy.

2024 Trunk of Scrolls: Paths of Faith and Fire

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