Is the Bible Corrupted? (What to Make of Transmission Errors)

HAS JESUS BEEN JESUS MISQUOTED? Early church librarian, Pamphilus of Caesarea, in the mid-200s, would make copies of Scripture and “correct the manuscripts of the Bible.” Even back then, there was a godly reverence for correctly copying Scripture. In spite of that, many documents have come to us “corrupted,” or changed in one way or another. In fact, […]

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BIG QUESTIONS OF LIFE The following are significant topics and big questions on Quora. I believe that the Big Questions of life are put here by God as a Writing on the Wall, similar to the divine writing in the story in the Book of Daniel. I firmly believe that God put these questions on earth with […]

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John Gerstner and the Reasoning Mind

When I get to heaven, one of the big things on my list is to find John Gerstner. What a jewel. I just want to meet him. I was introduced to him last year through a Ligonier video series he did in the 90’s called Handout Apologetics. The kids and I just finished watching the […]

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