Healthy For Life: News Report

My high school daughters produced this amazing video for their Nutrition Class. I hope you enjoy it, and learn some healthy-living facts along the way. With much appreciation to Dr. David Perlmutter, whose work was a significant part of their research.

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Five Characters In Search of an Exit (The Twilight Zone)

How Worldviews Affect Our Lives You’ll watch the Twilight Zone episode “Five Characters In Search of an Exit”  (season 3 episode 14) for this assignment. As you’re watching, think about how the characters’ worldview affects the things they say and the way they live. [WHERE TO WATCH THESE VIDEOS] Remember that a worldview is the way a person looks at the world, […]

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7 Sources for Primary Document Research

Research Guide Instead of looking for primary source documents with a random Google Search, start with actual history sites! What to do: Let’s say you have the prompt:  “What were the three most significant causes of the Fall of Rome“ 1. Plan your search. Before finding primary documents, you need to know WHAT you are looking […]

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