Is the Bible Corrupted? (What to Make of Transmission Errors)

HAS JESUS BEEN JESUS MISQUOTED? Early church librarian, Pamphilus of Caesarea, in the mid-200s, would make copies of Scripture and “correct the manuscripts of the Bible.” Even back then, there was a godly reverence for correctly copying Scripture. In spite of that, many documents have come to us “corrupted,” or changed in one way or another. In fact, […]

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Athiest Claims to See Hell

Can a changed life provide evidence that a proported event has happened? In the case below, this college professor on his death-bed experiences some of the pains of what he says was hell.  The change in his life shows that SOMETHING happened. What would a scientist say to these claims? How would the scientist explain this experience? Part One […]

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Sola Scriptura

LIFE WITH NO BIBLE What would the world be like with no Scripture?  Can you imagine, there actually was a time when God’s word was spoken into hearts only.  From the time of Adam until the giving of the law on Mount Sinai (sometime between 1600-1300 BC), there was no written record of God’s testimony […]

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