The Last Noel: A Christmas Novella

The Last Noel: A Christmas Novella

A Weary World Rejoices

Fireman Reuben Morales is ready to begin the holiday season when a knock on the door brings the tragic news: his unbelieving sister has died. Is his faith enough to grieve the loss and celebrate Christmas at the same time?

Little does he know, he is about to run into his sister again.

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About the Book

A Fireman, a Pageant, and Ghosts of Christmas Past

Reuben Morales faces the worst crisis a Christian can face. And during the holidays. How will he conquer the ghosts that haunt him?

I warn you…this is not your grandma’s Hallmark story.

From readers:

“I needed to read its message of hope during a rough patch… Isn’t it just like the Lord to use fiction to teach us?”

“I know Reuben’s pain… I’m now learning, through Reuben, to ‘rest in the Lord.’”

“What a powerful book!! You really get evangelism!! This book just blew my socks off!…In the record I keep of the books I’ve read, I gave this book 6 stars, a rating very few books receive.”

Series: Return to Me, Book 1
Genres: Paranormal, Speculative
Just finished and loved your story. Thank you for sharing it with me; neither one of us knew I needed to read its message of hope during a rough patch. Each Sunday when we, following our public confession of sin have a brief time of silent confession, I find myself confessing my lack of faith in what God is doing in my life: aging parents, politics gone crazy, becoming an empty-nester, trying to figure out what is next in my life. I'm a fixer and struggling to trust in God's plan when I feel utterly helpless, knowing that my prayers are heard and that that is sometimes enough, that Jesus loves my family and cares more about my circumstances than I ever could. Understand it's not a doubting of God but rather a lack of trust. Needless to say, I could relate to your Captain Morales as he struggled to believe God despite circumstances that stretched his faith and was encouraged to trust in God and his promises. Isn't it just like the Lord to use fiction to teach us? I pray your story is published and finds its way to all those who need encouragement to truly trust in God's good and kindness in all of his providences.
– Letter from Reader
Reuben Morales could easily be my alter ego but he is a much a more perfect me and loving, compassionate me--he's probably also, undoubtedly, much more handsome, and, as a fireman, much more "in shape". I'm surprised, you seem to have great insight into how we sensitive, evangelistically striving Believer males feel and act.... You've given me many things to consider, even reconsider through Reuben's personality. At present, as I'm my most severe judge, I'm now learning, through Reuben, to "rest in the Lord". I'm already carefully on guard to avoid evil, aware of where my weaknesses are and attempting to follow my Lord in all prospects I encounter and into which I must move.
– Letter from Reader
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About the Author
Darlene N. Bocek

Darlene Bocek and her family live in Izmir, Turkey. She and her family are Marvel MCU, early Star Wars, and Twilight Zone fans and her favorite MCU character is Rocket Raccoon. Besides being a pastor’s wife, she is mom to four wonderful young adults, each one her most favorite.

The family lives on an olive farm overlooking the Aegean Sea. To date, they have nine  sixteen twenty-four cats, three giant dogs, two cute Havanese doggos and one African Grey parrot. (Check HERE for pictures!) Most pets are named for movie characters.

Making the Bible accessible, the main message of her stories, is dear to their family's heart.  If she had free time, Darlene would enjoy cooking, gardening, painting, sewing, and training her wild animals.

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